End the Liberal desolation of Canada

Whereas after 9 years of his destructive government, Justin Trudeau has taken the Canada we know and love, and turned it into a living hell.

Whereas tent encampments across the country are becoming permanent, because far too many Canadians can no longer afford a home.

Whereas this Liberal-NDP reckless spending and inflationary deficits, combined with a punitive carbon tax have made the most basic necessities of life impossible to afford for many hardworking Canadians.

Whereas instead of building more homes, Justin Trudeau has ballooned and fattened the size of his bureaucracy.

And whereas this Liberal-NDP government has engorged itself, while Canadians are forced to live in tents in abject poverty.

Therefore be it resolved that we call on this Liberal-NDP government to end their destruction and desolation of Canada and listen to Pierre Poilievre’s common sense plan to axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget and stop the crime.

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