Cancel Trudeau’s job-killing tax hike on health care, homes, farms, and small business

Whereas Trudeau is hiking taxes on homebuilding during a housing shortage, hiking taxes on doctors during a doctor shortage. He’s hiking taxes again on farmers during a food cost crisis. And he’s hiking taxes on small business while Canadians’ paycheques are shrinking.

Whereas this job-killing Trudeau tax will also drive billions of dollars of machines, technology, business and paycheques out of our country.

Whereas this tax hike will also pick the pockets of people who dutifully paid their taxes to the government and saved for their retirements for decades.

And whereas nine years after Trudeau promised to help the middle-class, their families cannot afford homes or food for the first time since the Great Depression, nine out of ten middle-class Canadians are paying higher income tax, and by Trudeau’s own admission, the gap between the rich and everyone else has only grown since he’s been in power.

Therefore, we the undersigned call on the Liberal-NDP government to cancel their job-killing tax hike on health care, homes, farms, and small business, and instead bring forward a real plan to cut taxes on work, hiring, and manufacturing, and bring home production and paycheques.

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