Audit the Trudeau Foundation

Whereas the Trudeau Foundation could not return a $140,000 cheque directed to them from a hostile foreign regime because the name on the cheque did not match the name of the actual donor.


Whereas the donation came from a “state-backed group in Beijing” which has the stated goal of expanding the communist regime’s influence around the globe.


Whereas the Trudeau Foundation was actively complicit in hiding the true source of the donation, which was meant to buy favour and influence among powerful Canadians and elected politicians.


Whereas Justin Trudeau vacationed at the home of Trudeau Foundation donors at a $9,000-a-night Caribbean villa by giving access and influence.


And whereas this raises serious concerns about foreign influence peddling and, potentially, fraud.


Therefore, we the undersigned call on the CRA to audit this Beijing-backed donation to the Trudeau Foundation, and any other donations given to the Foundation by foreign governments.

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