Add "Trudeauing" to the Oxford English Dictionary

Whereas, the English language does not have a word that fully describes how Justin Trudeau attacks his opponents,

Whereas the degree to which Trudeau gaslights, projects and hypocritically attacks anyone who disagrees with him, in order to distract from his own flaws and misbehaviour, is of such a unique and intense nature that it requires a new word to accurately describe it;

WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby call for the addition of the following word and its definition to the Oxford English Dictionary:


  1. Projecting one’s own flaws, or destructive actions, on to one’s political opponents
  2. Similar to gaslighting, to manipulate [someone] using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning
  3. Extreme gaslighting
  4. To divide and conquer
  5. See lying
  6. See hypocrisy
  7. See gaslighting

Example: one who, after accusing opponents or adversaries of standing with nazis, invites an actual nazi to a large public event.

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