OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issued the following statement on Yazidi New Year:

“Today, the Yazidi-Canadian community and Yazidis around the world will celebrate their New Year, known as Sur Sal.

“Family and friends will gather to celebrate with dancing, music and recitations of liturgical hymns. Traditions practiced by the Yazidi community also include colouring and breaking eggs and offering sweets to guests.

“We are blessed to live in Canada, a country of peace, freedom and prosperity. As we spend time with our families, let us recall these blessings in gratitude. Let us also keep in mind those for whom the holidays may be difficult in some way, those who are persecuted for their faith, and all who are less fortunate.

“The Yazidi community has suffered immeasurably under the tyranny of ISIS. The Yazidi people, and other minority communities in Iraq, have suffered genocide and many have only recently been released from ISIS captivity. Many Yazidi women have lost their husbands and are struggling to bring their immediate family members to Canada to help them better integrate into our society.

“We are proud of the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner and Yazidi survivor, Nadia Murad, who has been calling for justice for her people who have experienced genocide at the hands of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

“Canada’s Conservatives have and will always stand against extreme violence, recognizing the ISIS genocide against the Yazidis and others. It is not enough to merely say ‘never again.’ We must match our words with actions. Canada must act to bring justice to those who have been complicit in genocide.

“On behalf of Canada’s Conservatives, I would like to extend my best wishes to all Yazidi Canadians and Yazidis around the world in welcoming the New Year. May it be a peaceful and happy new year.”


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