Ottawa, ON – Matt Jeneroux, Conservative Shadow Minister for Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, Dan Albas, Conservative Associate Shadow Minister of Finance and Housing Inflation, and Luc Berthold, Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition and Québec Political Lieutenant, today released the following statement on Canada’s housing inflation after figures were released by the Canadian Real Estate Association:

“Once again, Canadians are learning that under this Liberal government the dream of homeownership or an affordable place to live is moving further and further away.

“Today, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported the largest housing inflation numbers ever — with the price of homes increasing 3.5 per cent in just the last month, and a staggering 29.2 per cent over the last year.

“Under Justin Trudeau, the price of a home has now doubled. When the Liberals took power, the typical home cost $434,500, versus the present $868,400. This is making the dream of homeownership unattainable for families and young people across Canada, and is driving the sky-high rent costs we are seeing in cities across the country.

“While the Liberal government fails to address the major issues of supply and continues to hang on to failed programs like the First Time Homebuyer Incentive that most Canadians do not qualify for, the housing affordability crisis continues to get worse with no end in sight.

“This Liberal government has had six years to fix this issue and they have failed to develop a plan that works. Instead, they continue to support a system that they know favours foreign buyers and unaffordability for Canadians.

“Canadians who are worried about being able to afford rent or owning a home can’t afford more of the same failure from Justin Trudeau. Conservatives believe that the dream of homeownership and an affordable place to live can be a reality for all Canadians if the government actually helps to build more homes in Canada.”