Today Justin Trudeau is attending a ritzy conference in Sun Valley, Idaho with some of the world’s richest billionaires and elites. This lavish get together, by invite only, is hosted by Allen & Company, an American boutique investment bank. Justin Trudeau says he is at the Sun Valley Conference for official government business. However, we know that the conference is full of unofficial outdoor activities (“… attendees often bring their families and participate in outdoors activities such as mountain biking and white water rafting…” –, July 6). Trudeau has already spent taxpayer money to go boxing in New York, so why not spend more taxpayer money to go white water rafting in Idaho? While the Liberal government canceled tax credits for parents who enroll their kids in sports and arts activities, there is apparently enough taxpayer money to send Justin Trudeau to summer camp for billionaires. While Justin Trudeau attends summer camp for billionaires, he continues to betray Canada’s middle-class here at home. In just eight short months the Liberals have raised taxes on Canada’s middle-class by: * Introducing a CPP tax hike that will cost a family with two working parents as much as $2,200 a year; * Breaking their promise to reduce taxes for small businesses; * Slashing the amounts that Canadians can save tax-free; * Introducing a child care benefit plan that doesn’t support out-of-work Canadians; * Ending the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit; * Ending the Children’s Art Tax Credit; and * Ending tax credits for post-secondary education and textbooks. It’s not surprising that the Liberals want to meet with some of the world’s richest and most elite billionaires. These are the only people with enough money to pay off the Liberals’ $30 billion deficit.