November 22, 2018

Calgary, AB – Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, issued a statement in response to the Liberal Fall Economic Statement:

“This Liberal mini-budget does nothing to address the unprecedented crisis facing Canada’s oil and gas sector. Despite the fact that the Trudeau government has known about this crisis for months, there are no new measures to address the price discount on Canadian oil. Tax write-offs on new equipment do little for an industry that cannot grow until new pipelines are built. No one is going to expand facilities when prices are at historic lows, and the existing supply of oil exceeds the capacity of rail and pipelines to transport it.

“Justin Trudeau’s terrible policies are to blame for the shocking collapse we’re witnessing in Canada’s energy sector. The Prime Minister cancelled two pipeline projects that would have carried Canadian oil to new markets in Europe and Asia, and instead of helping Canada’s energy sector, the Trudeau government has instead introduced new taxes and burdensome regulations as a solution.

“Moreover, Bill C-69 continues to cause great uncertainty over the future of oil and gas projects. Not only is the approvals process ripe for political interference and lengthy delays, but it also gives the Prime Minister new powers to block the transport of oil in bills C-48, C-86 and C-88.

“Nothing in the Fall Economic Statement will reverse the challenges Canada’s energy sector is facing. The next step to fixing the price gap is to defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019.”


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