Ottawa, ON – John Brassard, Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics and Accountable Government, released the following statement on the Commissioner of Canada Elections issuing Trudeau MP George Chahal a notice of violation:

“Today, Trudeau MP George Chahal was found to have broken election law by the Commissioner of Canada Elections for stealing campaign material of his opponent during the last election.

“In his ruling, the Commissioner stated, “there are therefore reasonable grounds to believe that George Chahal was in violation of subsection 325(1) of the Act, the prohibition against preventing or impairing the transmission of an election advertising message without the consent of a person with authority to authorize its transmission”.

“This is another example of a pattern of lawless behaviour by the Trudeau Liberals in order to further their own political interests. Whether it’s the trip to billionaire island, the SNC scandal, or clam-scam, the Liberals and Trudeau clearly think that the laws in this country don’t apply to them.  

“Canadians need to trust that those in power follow the law. There can’t be two sets of rules, one for Trudeau and his party, and one for the rest of us. Justin Trudeau must now tell Canadians what punishment there will be for Chahal, or if this is just business as usual for a member of his caucus.

“Canada’s Conservatives will continue to be a voice for those concerned about the continuous Liberal ethics violations, lawbreaking, and lack of accountability by the Trudeau government.”