Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, issued the following statement regarding the Chinese government’s ban on Canadian canola:

“Reports that the Chinese government has banned canola imports from Canada are extremely concerning and require swift action to address.

“That is why I am calling on Justin Trudeau do everything he can to resolve this situation immediately.

“Failure to do so could have catastrophic impacts on Canadian farmers, who ship 40% of their canola exports to Chinese markets.

“Conservatives know that allegations from the Chinese government against Canada’s canola are both false are baseless. Canada produces the highest quality canola in the world.

“The issue at hand is not Canada’s canola product. Rather, it is Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership on the international stage and in particular his failure to deal with the threats posed by the Chinese government.

“Further, he is so mired in scandal and coverup that he has been unable to manage these critical economic issues.

“Mr. Trudeau must stand up for Canadian farmers and find a way to keep these markets open.”


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