Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Peter Kent, Shadow Minister for Ethics, issued a statement following a robocall sent by Liberal Member of Parliament Anita Vandenbeld asking residents to support her husband in a municipal election: “Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are deeply concerned about the conduct displayed by Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld. Using one’s influence as an elected Member to help a family member is both morally and ethically wrong. “Instead of doing the right thing and apologizing for her shameful conduct, Ms. Vanderbeld reportedly defended her actions and stated that she would do this again. “This should come as no surprise to Canadians, however. At least four Ministers in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet have been placed under ethics investigations over the last three years, including the Prime Minister himself. Trudeau remains the only Prime Minister in Canadian history who has been found guilty of breaking conflict of interest laws. “Canada’s Conservatives will continue to hold the Trudeau Liberals accountable. It is clear that this government would rather use public office to benefit Liberal insiders and their wealthy friends than make ethical decisions that are in the best interest of Canadians.” -30- For more information: Office of Peter Kent [email protected] Phone: 613-992-0253