Ottawa, ON – Today, Conservative members of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (PROC), issued the following statement on the Liberal government’s ongoing committee filibuster:
“Today, the government has decided to prevent a vote that would have the Prime Minister and the Kielburger brothers appear before the Procedure and House Affairs committee.

“For days, the Liberals have filibustered a Conservative Motion that would require the Prime Minister and other key witnesses to appear and testify for the real reasons that led to the prorogation of Parliament last year.

“The Liberals continue to protect Justin Trudeau from reasonable questions about the suspicious timing of prorogation, which interrupted several investigations into the WE Charity Scandal.

“The Prime Minister is the only person capable of outlining the real reasons for prorogation. This has been affirmed by experts, who have encouraged the committee to hear directly from Trudeau. Unfortunately, rather than getting the answers Canadians deserve, the Liberals would rather waste hours of time in an attempt to hide Justin Trudeau from accountability.

“The Liberals must realize that Canadians will not blindly go along with their cover-up, and must agree to have the Prime Minister appear and release relevant documentation around prorogation. The committee is well within its rights to request this information and should be free to continue its work without interference from the PMO.”


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