OTTAWA – The Trudeau Liberal Government is showing contempt for unionized workers and Parliament by announcing, via news release, that labour unions won’t have to comply with Bill C-377 on union transparency, said the Official Opposition Critic on Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, Gérard Deltell. “This is a way for the Liberal Government to thank union bosses who did everything in their power to help them get elected, and spent millions of dollars that belonged to their members without even consulting them. The major losers are union members, who will have a hard time holding their leaders to account and knowing how their union dues are spent,” said Mr. Deltell. Moreover, it is the second time in a week that the Trudeau government has rejected financial transparency and disregarded parliamentary authority. “Bill C-377 was duly voted upon by Parliament, and by announcing in a simple news release that they will not apply the law, the government is showing contempt for the institution. For a government that talks a good game about its principles, it’s a major hit for transparency and the respect of Parliamentarians,” said the MP for Louis-Saint-Laurent. Bill C-377 compelled unions to make detailed and complete reports on their operations and financial commitments, such as the salaries and expense accounts of their leaders.