Ottawa, ON – Dan Albas, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Internal Trade, and Dane Lloyd, Deputy Shadow Minister for Internal Trade, issued a statement in response to the lack of meaningful action on reducing barriers to internal trade in Canada following today’s First Minister’s meeting:

“Reducing internal trade barriers is essential for unleashing Canada’s full economic potential. Unfortunately, today’s meeting confirmed that Justin Trudeau would rather lecture the provinces than work with them to reduce internal trade barriers.

“Justin Trudeau has thrown away a significant opportunity to reduce these barriers by showing no leadership on this important file. As a result, Canadians continue to live in a country where it is often easier to trade with foreign countries than with other provinces.

“In the face of rising tariffs and US protectionism, we must ensure that free trade within our own country remains a priority. After three years, it is clear that the Trudeau Liberals have come up short when it comes to taking meaningful action to reduce these trade barriers.

“Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will ensure that internal free trade is a top priority, and hold Justin Trudeau accountable when he fails to show leadership on this critical file.”


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