Ottawa, ON – Stephanie Kusie, Conservative Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions, issued a statement after the Trudeau government forced through the Liberals’ re-election bill, C-76:

“The Trudeau government has failed democracy by rushing through their partisan elections bill and forcing a vote without proper parliamentary consultation. In their haste to rig the next election in their favour, the Trudeau government will leave Canadians with a flawed electoral system less than a year before they cast their vote.

“Conservatives have repeatedly called for more transparency from Justin Trudeau. When Canadians recognize the seriousness of safeguarding our democracy, it is unfortunate that the Trudeau Liberals voted against Conservative attempts to include strong measures against foreign influence and interference in Bill C-76. Justin Trudeau has also failed to come clean about the details concerning recent reports of Russian interference in Canada’s election, and is now refusing to take all possible steps to protect our democracy in future elections.

“Unfortunately for Canadians, the Trudeau Liberals are abusing their power to rig the electoral system to their advantage. Bill C-76 is a partisan elections bill that leaves Canada’s democratic process wide open to foreign interference, and evidence suggests helped Liberals defeat their opponents in several key ridings in the last election.

“Conservatives believe that an open and transparent democracy is of utmost importance but by forcing through the Liberals’ re-election bill, Justin Trudeau has made a mockery of Canada’s democratic process.”


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