The Hon. Stockwell Day And Blair Lockhart Announce Action To Prevent Impaired Driving

October 1, 2015

For Immediate Release

The Hon. Stockwell Day And Blair Lockhart Announce Action To Prevent Impaired Driving

Today, the Hon. Stockwell Day and Blair Lockhart, Conservative Party candidate for Vancouver Quadra, announced that a re-elected Conservative Government will crack down on impaired driving by re-introducing and passing the Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act within the first hundred days of a new Parliament.

“Our Party knows the importance of putting the rights of victims ahead of criminals,” Blair Lockhart said. “A re-elected Conservative Government will pass the Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act within one hundred days of coming to office, in recognition of that principle.” Ms. Lockhart noted that the legislation bolsters the Conservative Party’s strong record of keeping Canadians safe while cracking down on crime.

The Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act is designed to address inconsistencies in the Criminal Code, harmonize and increase penalties for repeat offenders, simplify the burden of proof for establishing blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and speed up impaired driving related court cases. The legislation contains important measures that are essential to combatting impaired driving.

The Hon. Stockwell Day commended the positive work done by victims’ rights organizations including Families for Justice, an advocacy organization devoted to fighting drunk driving. He also praised the work of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an organization which is committed to ending impaired driving and providing support to victims and their families. “The action undertaken by these types of community groups illustrates the need to do more to prevent people from getting behind the wheel after drinking,” Mr. Day stated.

The commitment announced today is another example in a series of tough on crime initiatives set out by Conservative Party since 2006 that will keep Canadian streets and communities safe. Justin Trudeau is only concerned with making marijuana legal, and the NDP’s soft-on-crime plan focuses on the so-called “rights” of criminals over the rights of victims. Both Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair have no plans at all to keep dangerous criminals off our streets. They have promised to reverse the progress made by the Conservative government to keep our neighbourhoods and communities safe.

The Conservative Party is the only party that can be trusted to keep Canadians safe. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has taken real action to keep violent offenders behind bars while introducing mandatory minimum sentences to ensure serious crimes receive the appropriate punishments. Our Conservative government will continue to put victims at the forefront of the justice system.



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