Rona Ambrose, the Leader of the Official Opposition, issues statement to mark Nowruz Ottawa – March 20, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Today, we gather to celebrate Nowruz, the beginning of the New Year in the Persian Calendar. Nowruz (also known as Newroz and Nuvrouz) is a festival that has been celebrated for thousands of years by Persian, Kurdish, Ismaili, and Central Asian communities. “The word Nowruz itself translates into ‘New Day’ – a phrase that signifies renewal, rejuvenation and a new hope for the future. “Nowruz is an occasion to gather with family and friends to partake in centuries-old traditions and look forward to a bright year ahead. These traditions include coming together with loved ones to set the Haft Seen (a traditional table setting of seven different items which symbolize the blessings of life) and sending best wishes and hope to others for the year ahead. “This celebration brings together Canadians of all walks of life and different backgrounds, and is a reminder of the importance of inclusiveness, reconciliation and unity. “For all Canadians, today is a great opportunity to reflect on the many vital and vibrant contributions that Canadians of Persian and Central Asian heritage have made to our country’s rich heritage. “On behalf of the Official Opposition and the Conservative Party of Canada, I am delighted to extend my best wishes to everyone celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year. “Nowruzetan Pirouz!” -30- For more information: Mike Storeshaw (613) 222-7484 [email protected] Anthony Farrow (613) 292-2187 [email protected]