JUNE 20, 2019 


OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issues statement to mark World Refugee Day:

“Today on World Refugee Day we call to mind the plight of refugees and displaced people and celebrate Canada as a beacon of hope and land of refuge.

“Refugees and the displaced overcome countless challenges to flee sometimes horrific persecution and hardship. Leaving their homes and homelands behind, they have to demonstrate extraordinary resilience and bravery to begin their new lives in our free and open country.

“This is an opportunity to reflect on one of the most significant challenges facing humanity. Today, we are witnessing very high numbers of people either internally displaced or seeking refuge or asylum. Persecution, conflict, and instability have forced an unprecedented number of people, mostly children, out of their homes and communities and into the unknown.

“The economic, political, and social challenges that have led to displacement around the world are not lost on Canadians – whether it’s in the Middle East where Yazidis and Christians have been brutally persecuted for their religious beliefs, or in Venezuela where a corrupt and oppressive government has forced its citizens to seek a new home simply to survive, or the Rohingya people who have been denied citizenship in their native Myanmar and forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries.

“The generosity of Canadians opening their homes and communities to refugees from around the world is one of the finest examples of the Canadian spirit. Canada has welcomed countless individuals and families who were once forcibly uprooted from their homes, but are now thriving members of Canadian society. Under a Conservative government, with fair, orderly, and compassionate immigration, refugee, and asylum systems, we can do more to help the world’s most vulnerable.

“This World Refugee Day, let us remember the hardships that refugees around the world have endured, and let us celebrate Canada, where so many of those refugees have found freedom, peace and the rule of law.”


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