OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, issues statement to mark the 34th Anniversary of the Air India Bombing:

“Thirty-four years ago today on June 23, 1985, Canada experienced the worst terrorist attack in our history. An explosive device placed on Air India Flight 182 was detonated, murdering 329 innocent men, women, and children, the majority of whom were Canadians.

“Every year on June 23, we honour these victims and all victims of terrorism as we stand in solidarity with the survivors and their families. Terrorism is a horrendous evil that must be fought and eradicated both at home and abroad to ensure that these heinous crimes are never to be repeated.

“Canada’s Conservatives will always support the hard work of our security and intelligence professionals to keep all Canadians safe. As we remember the victims of the Air India bombing today, we must resolve to fight for a world free of terrorism.”


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