The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives issues statement on Chuesok, the Korean thanksgiving OTTAWA, ON – October 4, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, issued the following statement: “Today marks Chuseok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving Day, which represents the most festive holiday in Korea. During this time, family members and loved ones will gather to share stories, food, give thanks for their ancestral lands, and pray for a bountiful harvest. “On the morning of this day, families gather at home to perform Charye, a memorial service to pay tribute to their ancestors. During this service, families often share tradition feasts which often include songpyeon – a small rice cake containing a sweet filling. “This year’s festivities are of special significance as Korea’s National Foundation Day, a national holiday celebrating the formation of the original Korean state, known as Gaecheonjeol, falls during Chuseok. “On behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Official Opposition, I would like to offer my best wishes to all Koreans and their families during this joyous occasion. -30- For more information: Anthony Farrow (613) 995-9054 [email protected] Daniel Schow (613) 286-1050 [email protected]