MARCH 20, 2020


Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, issued the following statement to mark Nowruz:

“Starting last night, many Canadians of Persian, Kurdish, Ismaili, Afghan, Bahá’í and other cultural and religious backgrounds will gather at a festive table with friends and family to celebrate Nowruz.

“While bearing distinct significance and being celebrated with various customs in different communities, Nowruz celebrates the coming of spring and is observed bygathering around a Haft Seen, a traditional table setting that represents renewal. During this festive season, people give thanks and help those in need while reflecting on the old year and marking the beginning of a new one. Nowruz dates back thousands of years and is a central part of many cultures.

“We recognize that due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Nowruz celebrations will look different this year. Although friends and extended families will not be as able to gather in the same ways as in previous years, we hope that everyone welcoming the New Year will be able to celebrate in an appropriate way and will still be able to connect with their loved ones.”

“We are fortunate to live in a society where people are free to celebrate their traditions and to practice their faith freely.

“Today, we remember those abroad who are suffering as a result of human rights abuses and those who are denied basic freedoms. Let us all reflect on the vibrancy and richness of the many communities observing Nowruz and the important contributions these communities make to our country.

“On behalf of Canada’s Conservatives, Nowruz Mubarak!”


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