When Justin Trudeau was asked about small actions his family has taken to reduce plastic waste in their household, this is what he had to say:

“Uh, we, uh, we have recently switched to drinking, uh, water bottles out of, uh, water out of, uh, when we have water bottles, uh, out of plastic, uh, sorry, away from plastic towards, uh, paper, um, like drink box water bottles sort of things.”

Syntax aside, here are the facts about Trudeau’s “drink box water bottle sort of things”:

“Drink box water bottle sort of things” are way more expensive than normal bottled water: A 24 pack of Boxed Water is Better sells online for $44.96 USD. By comparison, a 24 pack of Nestle is currently on-sale for $2.50 CAD at Loblaws.

But, nothing is cheaper than good old-fashioned tap water! At the price of a 24 pack of Boxed Water is Better, the Trudeau family could easily afford a top of the line Brita filter.

“Drink box water bottle sort of things” are actually less environmentally friendly than plastic water bottles: According to the Alberta Bottle Depot Association, boxed water containers are less recyclable than plastic water bottles, and that consumers are more likely to recycle plastic water bottles than boxed water containers.

Trudeau hasn’t entirely switched to “drink box water bottle sort of things”: Just like how the Trudeau Liberals jet-set around the world to photo opportunities at international conferences, while at the same time lecturing families using a car to commute to and from work, it appears Justin Trudeau’s environmentalism is Not as Advertised.

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