Yves Lévesque

While many know Yves Lévesque as the mayor of Trois-Rivières, it was in the navy that he began his career. He holds a certificate as a first officer of the Merchant Navy, and from an early age he held various positions aboard tankers. At 26, he obtained his certificate as a boat captain.

A tireless worker, he then turned to the business world. When he arrived in Mauricie, he acquired two fast food chain leases. In November 1994, he went into politics and was elected as a Councillor for the Cherbourg district. He became mayor of Trois-Rivières-Ouest in May 1999, and then during the 2001 municipal mergers, he was elected mayor of Trois-Rivières and Chairman of the City’s Executive Committee. Through to 2019, he invested countless time and energy to his city to develop it into a leader with a reputation that now crosses borders.

Yves Lévesque has lived in Trois-Rivières since 1984. He is married to Diane Lamontagne and is proud father of four boys: Jean-Daniel, Patrik, Mathieu and Nicola.

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