Vince Cormier

Born and raised in St-Paul Kent County, Vince Cormier has spent his whole life living in the Beausejour riding. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, loving husband, father, and most of all, proud grandfather.

Equipped with a Forestry Certificate and Business Administration degree, Vince started his career by working for the province of New Brunswick in enforcement and consulting branches for the Department of Natural Resources. From this, he quickly went on to the private sector where he got involved in manufacturing and construction. He spent most of his career in management roles or as an entrepreneur. 

In recent years, Vincent has become a partner of NuFocus Strategic Group in Dieppe and co-founded Personalized Building Solutions, which specializes in housing developments for First Nations communities. He has spent the majority of his life providing value to his customers, a living-wage to his employees and prosperity for the communities he operated in.

Vince is an entrepreneur at heart with a tremendous fighting spirit; obstacles are no showstopper for this man. Where others see restrictions and challenges he is able to identify opportunities and has a strong ability to rally people for a common cause.

Far from your average politician, Vince has seen his riding taken for granted for far too long by the political elite. His reason for running as your Member of Parliament is to give the people of Beausejour a strong voice in Ottawa and to help build a prosperous future for the riding he calls home.