Véronique Laprise

Nomination Date: 03/09/2019

As a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Véronique Laprise enjoys a decade of experience in the security and defense fields. Previously, she worked as a financial officer, security analyst, in the Privy Council Office, and for the RCMP. Currently, Ms. Laprise is a PhD student in contemporary religious studies at the Université de Sherbrooke. She graduated with an MA in International Management from the University of Liverpool in the UK, and a BA in political science from the Royal Military College of Canada. Her education spans cultural relations strategies, risk management and security for transnational operations, cultural intelligence, and security analysis and counterterrorism. Véronique actively practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and yoga. She loves the outdoors, and is especially fond of training along the Richelieu or on the trails of a mountain in the region. Véronique’s community service includes volunteering with injured veterans and in civil aviation safety. At the age of 17, she began her life of service to our country. She considers herself fortunate to have received such a high level of academic and professional training. Now, she wants to put her expertise and skills to work for Canadians once more.