Terence Young

Nomination Date: 05/04/2019

Terence has served in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as MP, and as a Member of Parliament for Oakville from 2008-2015 where he conceived Vanessa’s Law, the largest improvement to the Food and Drugs Act in fifty years, piloting it through both Houses of Parliament to be passed without dissent in November 2014. He is the author of the highly regarded non-fiction best-seller Death by Prescription published in three languages.

Terence is the founding Chair of Drug Safety Canada, a national advocacy group devoted to making Canadians safer when using prescription drugs, President and CEO of Gravitas Strategies, a communications firm, and is a part time Professor at Seneca College.  He has 35 years experience in the private sector including the telecommunications and auto industries.  Terence is married to his high school sweetheart Gloria, is father to Madeline, Vanessa (d) and Hart and has one grandchild Eleanor.

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