Ted Opitz

Nomination Date: 28/06/2018

Ted Opitz was born in the Parkdale area of Toronto in 1961 and is the youngest of four children. Opitz’s parents were originally from Poland and immigrated to Canada shortly after World War II. In 1978, Mr. Opitz enrolled as a private in the Canadian Army Reserves and rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel during 33 years of service.

Mr. Opitz also worked in the Telecom industry, as well as completing a BA in English at York University. Starting at a Bell Canada as a technician, Opitz worked his way up to sales and marketing and managerial roles in product management and high speed internet development. Ted Opitz was the Senior Regional Advisor to Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism between 2009 and 2011.

In his riding, Mr. Opitz championed seniors, economic growth, and educational opportunities for youth. He worked closely with parents and youth at risk to find a path forward for them. He was a dedicated MP and was well respected, recognized and liked for his work ethic. Mr. Opitz relies on his military foundations, where no one gets left behind and he believes strongly that each and every person in Etobicoke Centre has a right to his undivided attention and that he has a duty to provide it. Ted Opitz continues to reside in Etobicoke Centre with his wife Cynthia and their two cats, where they have lived since 1993.

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