Sonia Baudelot

Nomination Date: 12/12/2018

Sonia Baudelot was born in Laval, she is a very busy young woman, a professional that is uniquely capable of building bonds with citizens. She is also, and mostly, a mother of two children who believes in family values. She is committed to anything related to family law or generally speaking, pertaining to law.

Sonia Baudelot earned her degree in Social Science with a concentration in law, and she has more than twenty years of experience in aviation. She is now a flight director of a big airline company as well as Vice-President of the Local Section of the Union for the flight crews and she also sits on the health and safety committee.

Sonia Baudelot is also trilingual, an advantage that allows her to better communicate and provide her with a special closeness to the multicultural environment of Laval.

Sonia Baudelot is a shining example of honesty and loyalty. Sonia is the engaging and persevering type, she does not hesitate to do volunteer work for the community or governmental organizations in order to support their causes. When she was in College, she participated in a CIDA Program, by traveling to Ecuador, in an underdeveloped village, to work on projects related to nutrition and health.

In 2017, she founded the Party: “Avenir Laval – Équipe Sonia Baudelot”.

Sonia Baudelot has been a member on the Board of “la Ligue d’Action Civique”, President of the Parents Committee of the “APCC” and Director of a Community Centre in Laval.

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