Sean Weir

Nomination Date: 23/07/2018

Sean Weir, having served as Chief Executive Officer for the last 18 years, is now Vice Chair at Canada’s largest law firm, employing over 2,000 Canadians. In addition to his business leadership roles, Sean is passionate about his community and gets involved when he sees something that needs action.

Sean started his community involvement by volunteering with his local neighbourhood association to address local school and town issues. This led him to run for Town Council where he worked hard to ensure there were no tax increases during 4 of his 6 years on Council. Sean also helped lay the early groundwork for the new hospital as a 9-year member of the Board of Directors of Halton Healthcare. For most of his 10 years on the Board of Oakville Hydro, including 5 years as Chair, there were no hydro rate increases. He understands that there is only one taxpayer and that taxpayer deserves respect and relief.

Sean has lived in north Oakville for over 30 years with Cheryl, his wife of 39 years. They have three grown children.

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