Sarah Bokhari

Sarah Bokhari is a political scientist by education, academic, journalist, women rights activist and a busy mom.

She received an MA in Political Science from University of Toronto. She also has an M.Sc. in International Relations, and an M.Phil. in Strategic Studies.  She studied courses in Dispute Resolution from Centennial College.

Bokhari has taught at various Canadian colleges and universities. Bokhari’s TV Show ‘Power Dilemma’- TAG TV has highlighted issues of Canadian politics, terrorism, crime, immigration, extremism, Veteran rights and LGBTQ.

Bokhari has also volunteered with Correctional Services of Canada and community organizations. She has been published extensively and has publicly spoken at educational forums and conferences of high calibre. She has been interviewed by CTV and OMNI TV.

She is founder of ‘Strong Moms and Empowered Women’ which showcases stories of women influencers in society.

Bokhari has also been involved in creating awareness about the need of organ donation, caregivers, mental health and domestic violence.

Bokhari also attended International School of Disarmament and Research on Conflict. She was a Track II Diplomat and engaged in confidence building measures between India and Pakistan. Consequently, she participated in the Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations.