Sam Lilly

Nomination Date: 11/07/2019

Sam Lilly is the CPC’s nominated candidate for the federal riding of Edmonton Strathcona.

Sam has strong working class roots. Growing up in a single-parent family, he and his twin brother learned the values of responsibility and hard work from watching their mother raise a family on her own.

He grew up in the Fraser valley of British Columbia and joined the military out of high school, enlisting at the same military base his grandfather had retired from. After serving five years as a combat engineer, Sam moved into the private sector. As the site supervisor for a hospital security team, he promoted a culture of service, community care and compassion.

Sam then moved to the casino industry. Interested in investigations and regulatory compliance, he spent 11 years conducting integrity investigations. As the Director of Surveillance and Gaming Compliance for Alberta’s largest charitable casino company, he promoted community responsibility and vigilance in protecting the integrity of charity revenues.

Sam completed the Executive Development Program [with Distinction] from the University of Las Vegas in 2015 . As an industry stakeholder, he assisted provincial regulators in developing regulations to monitor anti-money laundering compliance in Alberta.

Service and integrity have been the hallmarks of Sam’s career. He has volunteered with the Edmonton Humane Society, is an active Rotarian and is an enthusiastic political volunteer who has worked on campaigns in municipal, provincial and federal elections.

Sam is the proud uncle of two nieces and one nephew. In his spare time, Sam enjoys reading and learning, writing and recording music, trying new recipes, gardening and permaculture.

In the past year, Sam has personally knocked on thousands of doors to really get to know people, so he understands what Edmonton Strathcona residents are talking about at the kitchen table.

He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to work hard, to improve themselves, to be judged on merit and to be successful. These are conservative values. This is the Canadian dream.