Ryan Lester

Nomination Date: 13/12/2018

Ryan has lived in the electoral district of Toronto Centre for over a decade. A local volunteer and long-time advocate, Ryan believes that it’s time to prioritize responsible budgeting in Ottawa and that the Conservative Party of Canada is the only choice to fix the nation’s balance sheet.

Currently a Development Consultant, Ryan knows how to build partnerships among stakeholders and turn words into real, localized action. In his previous role as director for Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, Ryan led the team that raised $15 million to build the country’s first and Toronto’s only facility combining counselling, emergency, and transitional housing for homeless youth in Toronto Centre.

He’s stabilized the finances at city-wide non-profits in Toronto Centre like Pride Toronto and the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), and wants to bring that same responsible and visionary fiscal planning to the national budget.

An advocate for human rights, inclusion, and equity, Ryan is inspired by the Conservative Party of Canada’s policy declaration that emphasizes the equality of all Canadians and seeks to achieve a balance between fiscal accountability, progressive social policy, and individual rights and responsibilities.

An alumnus of Ryerson University, Ryan wants to bring together everyone who is frustrated with the past four year’s of broken promises, ethical violations, and financial mismanagement to create a better, stronger Toronto Centre.

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