Ryan Dyck

Ryan is a proud resident of Winnipeg Centre who lives with his wife and daughter near the Health Sciences Centre. As a young father, Ryan knows that we need a government that makes life more affordable and less complicated for working class families.

After achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Ryan spent the past decade pursuing a culinary career and has managed a well-known downtown kitchen. Throughout his career, Ryan has worked in a multitude of restaurants across the city and has volunteered within the community at the grassroots level.

As a cancer survivor, he is passionate about strengthening our universal health care system with the implementation of Andrew Scheer’s Health and Social Programs Guarantee. Ryan believes that social change comes from good governance and fiscal responsibility and that the Conservative Party of Canada has governed on these principles.

Winnipeg Centre is a strong community with small and large businesses, businesses that are the baseline of the economy and maintaining low taxes allows these businesses to flourish and attract new investors. Ryan is committed to seeing this community flourish!