Randall Pewarchuk

Nomination Date: 09/04/2019

Dr. Randall Pewarchuk is a long-time resident in Metchosin and a respected dentist in the area for three decades.  He is a small business owner, medical professional and dedicated father and grandfather who prides himself on his sense of community.

Dr. Pewarchuk was raised by a hard working blue -collar union family that taught him the virtue of hard work and responsibility for ones actions, but also responsibility for those in need.  He strongly believes that providing opportunities for people to advance their education and careers leads to improved self-respect, better financial stability and stronger family ties. As an avid outdoorsman, Dr. Pewarchuk is committed to ensuring that we leave healthy rivers and oceans for his grandchildren to enjoy. He feels that local fisherman and First Nations have viable solutions to help protect the salmon but are being ignored in Ottawa. Dr. Pewarchuk is also dedicated to ensuring that the members of the Canadian Forces who proudly serve in our area have a voice that will carry in Ottawa. For too long, the needs of those who have served to protect our country have been overlooked.

Dr. Pewarchuk has been busy meeting with voters in the riding and is excited for the upcoming months leading up to the election on October 21.

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