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Rachael Harder

Nomination Date: 15/12/2017

As a dedicated listener and skilled advocate, Rachael Harder offers a fresh perspective and a strong voice for our community

Being raised on a small farm in southern Alberta instilled a strong work ethic and resourcefulness that is inherent in everything Rachael does.

Her entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to innovation and strong work-ethic was made evident at the age of 11 when Rachael started her own small business, raising dogs and running a boarding kennel. She ran the business for 6 years, generating enough income to cover the cost of her post-secondary education and pay for her participation in four international humanitarian missions.

After attending college in Saskatchewan for several years, Rachael moved to Lethbridge to pursue a double-degree consisting of a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology). She graduated with great distinction.

Rachael has over 16 years of diverse work experience in both private and not-for-profit sectors. She currently works as an independent youth and young adult consultant. She spent two years travelling across the nation to interview 18-34 year olds in order to understand the social, cultural and spiritual trends of the rising generation.

As the first project of its kind in Canada, Rachael’s research was co-published under the banner of James Penner and Associates in 2012. Her passion for building bridges between generations has taken her across Canada as a consultant and public speaker. She understands the trajectory of the emerging generation and the existing and forthcoming needs of our nation. She is uniquely prepared to lead in a manner that gleans from the wisdom of the past, serves the present, and builds for the future.

Rachael has been a life-long volunteer. She currently plays an active role on the Community and Social Development Committee (an advisory committee to City Council), serves on the Canadian Mental Health Youth Anti-stigma Leaders Steering Committee and volunteers regularly at her church and for various community events, including the Lethbridge 2019 Canada Winter Games bid events, and 2015 Alberta 55+ Winter Games.

Since a balanced life can’t be all work and no play, Rachael also enjoys a number of leisure activities. For the last 8 years she has been a member of a local Dragon Boat team and competed in the Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival at Henderson Lake. In addition to spending time with family and friends, Rachael enjoys taking advantage of the unique beauty of this region by walking in the coulees or camping in the Rockies whenever possible.

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