Milad Mikael

Nomination Date: 15/04/2019

Milad Mikael is a first generation Canadian who along with his wife Zizette, a Pharmacist, has chosen Mississauga as a home for their family.

He first completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, then a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and in line with his commitment to lifelong learning is completing a Ph.D. in Economics.

He was a Director in a large International Corporation overseeing major infrastructure projects. Currently

Milad operates a small business employing several people in Mississauga where he is involved and volunteers his time with his church, his community, writes for various publications and appears on numerous TV programs. He has also been very politically active supporting candidates that he felt supported neighbourhoods and communities.

As a business owner, a family man, and a community leader, Milad has a good unique understanding of the communities in Mississauga-Centre and is prepared to bring our good Conservative values and leadership to Ottawa.

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