Matthew Chapman

Nomination Date: 09/08/2019

Matthew Chapman is living and raising his three daughters in Paradise with his wife who was born and raised there.

Matthew developed a strong work ethic through basketball. As he matured his passion turned to politics and the ability of government to improve the quality of life for people. This passion has led him to seek the Avalon seat in Parliament as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Matthew received a Masters of Education (Educational Leadership Studies), a Bachelor of Education (Intermediate-Secondary), and a Bachelor of Physical Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland. In university he was a student-athlete excelling in basketball. He was twice named an Atlantic University Sport First-Team All Star.

After graduation, Matthew began his teaching career in Placentia and Dunville before accepting a position in the metro region. He has been a teacher for 14 years. He has coached basketball and coordinated athletics programs during that time. He also volunteers with an organization that supports families with young children.

Matthew is determined to see the people of Newfoundland and Labrador be given the opportunity to thrive. Life is getting too expensive and the Conservative Party of Canada seeks to make it more affordable through initiatives such as scrapping the carbon tax and removing the GST from home heating. He also seeks to maximize the development of our natural resources, in particular oil and gas, while ensuring responsibility to our environment. Matthew believes building a National Energy Corridor and pipelines will unite and benefit all Canadians.