Mani Fallon

Mani Fallon wears many hats at Select Aero Inc. Aside from being the General Manager, Mani also heads up Marketing and Human Resources at this YVR based private aviation company. Her prime focus surrounds the company’s business development and client management efforts.

With over 20 years in Canada’s public and private sector, Mani is an experienced relationship builder. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and is a strong advocate for cross cultural outreach. As such, she has served as Senior Regional Advisor to Canada’s Minister of Multiculturalism, overseeing stakeholder, public and media relations.

A long-time resident of Surrey, British Columbia, a sense of community is central to Mani’s way of thinking. Her volunteer experience includes participation on several advisory councils dealing with diversity, social services, and public safety. This includes current roles on Corrections Canada Citizen Advisory Community, President of the Surrey Crime Prevention and most recently an elected representative for BC members as a National Council for the Conservative Party of Canada.

When not trying to manage society’s curve balls, Mani is a doting mother of two girls for whom she loves organizing community volunteer activities. For hobbies, her interests include watching some of the best classic movies, taking long walks and working out.

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