Jordy Carr

Nomination Date: 04/07/2019

Jordy Carr has been a business owner and operator for 30 years. She is a candidate running for council in the municipality of Callander. Currently, Jordy sits on two committees in Callander and spent two years as vice president of the East Nipissing Hockey Association. Carr is the chair of the FunFest committee, is a very active volunteer with in the community.

“A council needs to be a team that can work together for the common goal of creating and maintaining a great community.”

I have a strong work ethic in business and I wear many hats; from labourer, human resources, janitor, developer to financier. One hat equally as important as the other, and working as a team with cohesion is the only way to be successful and to get the job done. Being a strong listener and taking the time to understand people is so important. With a full understanding of budgeting to keep costs down while not sacrificing quality and service; this is what I can bring to Callander. I have been a resident and taxpayer in Callander for 35 years. I have a love and commitment second to none for our community. I believe Callander is the jewel of the north; a safe community with wonderful opportunities. Citizens of Callander enjoy living on beautiful Lake Nipissing and all the amenities our community has to offer. However, they have a deep concern of higher property taxes like some of our neighbouring towns and cities. It will take a strong council team working together to accomplish keeping taxes low, along with finding savings in our annual budget. I thrive on finding solutions to problems, with great tenacity and do so to rival most. I will not make unattainable promises. What I will do is pledge financial responsibility, ingenuity and perseverance. Solutions are my objective, this I will commit to you.