Harpreet Singh

Nomination Date: 10/07/2018

Harpreet Singh, well known journalist is the candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the federal riding of Surrey Newton.

Through his wide experience of being a journalist for the past 26 years, Harpreet is well aware of the challenges faced by the people and he can relate to issues that relate to the average Canadian – lower taxes, safer communities and job creation to ensure that every resident of Surrey-Newton has a great future.

Having worn different hats as a journalist and a small business owner in Surrey over the last decade, and having lived in the riding since he arrived in this great country in 2002, he has fallen in love with this dynamic and diverse community. The journey from an immigrant to a television and radio host, political commentator, writer, producer and a businessman, has been an amazing one. He along with his wife and two children, have experienced the challenges the riding offers. He cherishes regional, cultural and socio-economic diversity of Canada that the riding embraces.

Harpreet Singh became a member of the Conservative Party of Canada because of his fervent interest in the values and core beliefs of the party. “It is my true belief as an immigrant to this great country that the backbone of this society is based on creating solid employment and opportunities for our newcomers and our citizens. I believe in the values and principles of CPC as these match my own values in terms of creating lasting sustainable change that is grounded in fiscal responsibility and with a long term view of our country. The foundation of this country was and continues to be based on the core philosophies of the CPC, which include family, employment, opportunities and sustainable change”. As a candidate for the CPC, he brings a great deal of knowledge and experience in the Surrey Newton riding. Harpreet is well versed with the issues and challenges of the people living in Surrey Newton and he believes that he will be able to represent them in the Canadian Parliament. “I am well adept to being in the community and the public eye due to my vast experience of being front and centre in the media and being well known in my community. “I feel that I owe it to the residents of this great city, that their voices are heard in our nation’s capital”, he stresses.

Harpreet firmly believes that all Canadians need to come together as one voice to face national and international challenges and specifically raise their voice against the real global issues such as terrorism and international crimes against humanity as well as support what happens at home and keeping our communities safe, strong, active and healthy. “I will operate in an accountable and responsive manner and leave no stone unturned to safeguard freedom and Canadian values”. He is a firm believer in giving back to the community and is therefore involved with a number of social and charitable organizations here.

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