George Canyon

Nomination Date: 21/08/2019

George Canyon, a Pictou County native, has accepted the challenge of representing the Conservative Party in the Riding of Central Nova in the upcoming election for all the right reasons. He is not entering politics for the money or fame. He has been very blessed with a successful career in music. He has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, with a highly successful 29 year career in the music business around the world, on its biggest stages. He has worked hard everyday, with the help of his wife, son, daughter, friends and family, to achieve his success.

He is entering politics to represent his family, all the residents in the riding of Central Nova, the place where he was born and raised. The place where he and his wife Jennifer raised their children when they were young, and the community he has never left in his heart. He has always remained closely attached to the people of home throughout all the communities. Over the years, George has offered his support, his name and brand to the Pictorial County Christmas Fund, Nova Scotia Mental Health events, veterans and forces families, St.FX University fundraising efforts, and many, many more local charitable causes. 

For 20 years, George has been a tireless advocate for people living with Type 1 Diabetes. He has worked diligently with Transport Canada to ensure Type 1 diabetics were treated fairly and able to achieve their dreams as pilots. He worked tirelessly and never accepted “ NO.” Just recently, he, and a small group of advocates, were able to convince Transport Canada to allow Type 1 diabetics to be issued a Class 1R medical license allowing them to become Commercial pilots for the first time.

George understands the necessity for united communities and a united country. After watching the Liberal government and Justin Trudeau’s lack of leadership completely divide the country economically and geographically, George felt it was time to step up and serve in the biggest way he could. His love of country demanded it.

He has always had a servant’s heart, from being an Honorary Colonel in the Canadian Military, a Colonel Commandant of the National Air Cadet Core of Canada and Reserves, as a volunteer firefighter with the Eureka, NS department, as a Church Pastor and in serving his community by giving of himself to many local charities. He has lived a busy purposeful life and learned how to work with people on many different levels. He is a patient listener, a kind leader and will be a strong and passionate voice for the people of Central Nova. 

Quote from George:

“everyone has a story…everyone has a voice. I will be that voice in Ottawa and ensure that the people of Central Nova are ALWAYS heard. Even if I have to stand on a hill alone, I will have the courage and strength to represent the wants and needs of the people of my riding. I will ensure that Central Nova remains a positive, supporting factor in maintaining the unity of the greatest country in the world, Canada, as it always has.” as it always has.”