Emile Mercier

Your first introduction to me was probably at a Conservative event, most recently battling Trudeau’s Liberals. I’ve fought alongside many of you in the trenches of Quebec, from Chicoutimi to Montreal and everywhere in between. I’ve even been further afield to network with members in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. Or you might have met me in the course of volunteering as the President of the Beauport-Limoilou riding association, as a National Policy Committee member, or as a member of the National Constitution Committee.

I am a hometown boy from all over Quebec. Having grown up in Sherbrooke and lived in Montreal, I have a unique understanding of the issues facing those areas. I currently live in Quebec City and have been working in Information Technology for more than 10 years and currently act as an Information Security Specialist.

Like you, the Conservative Party represents me best. I am a tax payer and I want a Party that manages finances responsibly. For me, family values are very important. I am a family man and involved in the local Scout movement as a parent volunteer. Studies are essential in life, I hold a DEC in Computer Science and University Certificates in Applied Informatics and Cybersecurity of computer networks. In conclusion, it is an honor for me to represent you at the National Council and to be your voice.

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