Don Nightingale

Don Nightingale is Professor Emeritus, Queen’s School of Business, where he served as Associate Dean, MBA and Executive Programs. He was also a member of the Senate of the University and President of the Queen’s Faculty Association, where he negotiated collective agreements and handled faculty grievances and disputes with the University over a period of 15 years.

While teaching at Queen’s, Don managed a consulting firm that provided advice and analysis to private and public sector organizations.

For the past 12 years, Don taught business methods to managers in the newly capitalist countries of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Before joining the National Council, Don was President of the Victoria EDA. He has worked as a volunteer in multiple federal elections, doing everything from driving voters to the polls to scrutineering to speech writing to acting as Official Agent.

For many years, Don owned and flew a Harvard, participating in air shows across North America. To this day, he maintains an interest in aviation and military history, but now his recreational activities are on the ground – playing tennis and golf.

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