David Kong

Nomination Date: 18/11/2018

David Kong and his family have a long-running passion for public service. His father, the late Mr. Kong is a World War II veteran, while his son, Lawrence now serves in the Canadian Army, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2PPCLI).

David is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where he majored in economics and computer science. He is an active member of the community and has lived in the heart of the Scarborough North riding since the early 1980’s.

Before entering politics, David was a business owner and investment advisor. For over 20 years, he has also held active roles in various media outlets, such as newspaper columnist, radio and television commentator, where he was invited to share his input on current economic and political topics.

With extensive experience as a community volunteer, Conservative Party activist, small business owner, investment advisor, along with being a 32 years resident of the riding, David has what Scarborough North needs to represent them in Ottawa. David knows the people and the demographics of his riding, and he wants to proudly represent Scarborough North in our federal government.

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