Christine Marcoux

Nomination Date: 29/10/2018

Christine Marcoux was born in Montreal, she’s perfectly bilingual, and she’s earned her degree in business administration, she has worked as a Manager and a consultant for many high level firms in Quebec and Ontario, in the telecommunications and financial fields. Christine Marcoux is a seasoned management professional, who has completed a series of important transformation initiatives, by lowering costs and enhancing efficiency throughout her career. Her huge experience and high level leadership allow her to position herself as a key candidate to defend the riding’s interests, to bring positive change to the lives of each and every person, by addressing Canadian policies that inhibit our country’s economic growth, and limit our resources on the national scale and globally.

She is dynamic, passionate, and she loves helping people. She promotes collaboration and team work. She created a program for kids in minor hockey leagues to motivate kids to continually strive to improve their skills in the sport they practice, by rewarding the teams with a big party at the end of each year, this program is now in its 10th year!

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