Veterans Affairs

Cathay Wagantall

Nomination Date: 15/12/2017

Cathay Wagantall grew up in Yorkton-Melville and raised her three children there with her husband Marty. They are now proud grandparents to ten grandchildren.

Together, Cathay and Marty have owned and operated a sign manufacturing and printing business in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. Prior to growing and managing their small business, Cathay developed a successful University College Athletic Program for 6 years; invested a decade in facilitating post-secondary students with Canadian and US loans; and worked as a Development officer for charitable donations – also at the University College level. Prior to returning to Saskatchewan in 2011 she served as an administrative assistant for a Conservative Member of Parliament in Alberta.

Active in her community, Cathay has been invested in coaching athletics, coordinating community-church integrated programs and filling various roles on political boards and campaigns. She has worked with and cared for individuals with special needs in hospital and school settings and in our home. Within a few months of being in office, Cathay sponsored Bill C-225, Cassie and Molly’s Law, which she brought forward to ensure that laws were put in place to charge perpetrators of violent crimes against women that result in the loss of life of their unborn children. Sadly there are no existing laws in place. Additionally MP Wagantall has been very active in the Veteran Affairs portfolio serving as the Deputy Shadow Minister for Veteran Affairs. In this capacity she has been advocating for veterans rights in a number of different areas including championing the Mefloquine malaria drug inquiry file and ensuring needed access to therapy dogs for veterans use.

Cathay looks forward to representing the constituents of Yorkton–Melville as their Member of Parliament in 2015-2019.

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