Bernard Barré

Nomination Date: 22/05/2019

Bernard Barré has lived in the La Providence neighbourhood of Saint-Hyacinthe since 1968 with Lysanne, his life partner for 48 years. He is the proud father of Kim, Jani and Emmy, and grandfather of 8 grandchildren.

Known as a boxing specialist for over 33 years, first at Radio-Canada and currently for the TVA network, Bernard Barré began his career in boxing in 1977. Two years later, he founded the Club de boxe amateur de Saint-Hyacinthe. He held several management positions at the Fédération québécoise de boxe olympique, before making the leap into professional boxing as technical director of Interbox. In 2004, he became a partner and Vice President of Operations and Recruitment at GYM (Yvon Michel Group). Throughout his media career, his proudest moments were of his coverage of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London.

Bernard Barré is a man of action who likes to get involved with his community and has been politically involved for 31 years as a municipal councillor in Saint-Hyacinthe. He also campaigned provincially in 2003 with the ADQ, then federally under the Conservative banner during a by-election in 2007. He now wishes to represent the people of Saint-Hyacinthe-Acton in Ottawa.

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