Arpan Khanna

Nomination Date: 01/09/2018

Arpan Khanna was born and raised in Brampton North and continues to live in the riding with his family.

Arpan is the founder of Magna Strategies, a boutique public strategy and communications firm. Arpan is currently working with an immigration law firm in Toronto and is in the process of fulfilling his lawyer licensing requirements. Prior to this, Arpan has held various senior positions with elected officials at all levels of government.

Arpan has strong community roots and is a big believer in community service. As an avid volunteer, Arpan has helped raise funds and awareness for organizations including the Toronto East General Hospital, the Peel Memorial Hospital, local food banks and the True Patriot Love Foundation.

Arpan will be the strong voice needed in the riding to empower youth, restore economic prosperity and build stronger, safer communities. Arpan wants to create an environment where everyone will have the opportunity to succeed.

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