Ann Francis

Nomination Date: 17/01/2019

Ann Francis is a decades long resident of the West Island of Montreal, and the Lac-Saint-Louis riding in particular. She knows the riding well, presently working in it and having raised her children there.

Ann studied political science and has two law degrees. After a successful career in law, she is now a financial consultant with a well-known national wealth management firm.

She and her family are active members of the Lac-Saint-Louis community, being involved in various sports and community groups. Ann has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, and is very involved in her community as a youth leader.

Ann has a sincere desire to vigorously and tirelessly represent the residents of Lac-Saint-Louis, and improve the lives of Canadians. Her enviable track record as a professional and community leader will be the foundation of her tenure. She will be a strong voice in Parliament.

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