Alfie MacLeod

Nomination Date: 07/06/2019

Alfie MacLeod is the sitting MLA in the Cape Breton, Nova Scotia riding of Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg. Prior to his political career, Alfie spent 19 years working for DEVCO – a crown owned coal mining corporation in Cape Breton. His career in politics began in a victorious by election race in 1995. After losing his seat in the 1998, he re-entered public office in the 2006 general election.

The following year, MacLeod was elected Speaker of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.  Against the odds, he managed to hold his seat through the following four general elections of Liberal government; including when the PCs were reduced to holding just seven seats. Alfie’s decision to leave his secure seat provincial politics and run for the Conservatives federally, speaks loudly as to the level of confidence placed in the capacity to turn this riding blue.